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Are you tired of compromising on taste & texture?

We understand the challenges you face and we believe everyone deserves to savor the simple pleasure of a delicious cookie, without worry or hesitation.

Our cookies must meet our uncompromising standards for taste, texture and flavor or we won't sell them.


We refuse to believe that allergy-free means flavor-free. Our cookies boast a taste that surpasses the boundaries of dietary restrictions. Each bite is a celebration of soft & chewy deliciousness, proving you don't have to sacrifice texture & flavor for safety. Everyone loves brownies so we took our classic brownie cookie, made with real cocoa, and and infused it with natural flavors of cherry and mint. We've also offer a snickerdoodle cookie combining just enough sweetness and cinnamon to excite your taste buds.

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Join us in redefining the way you snack. Choose U-LUV cookies for a worry-free indulgence. Our soft & chewy cookies aren't just a treat: they're a solution, offering you the freedom to enjoy every bite without the fear. Transform your snack time into a delighful experience by enjoying U-LUV cookies, conveniently packaged in single grab-n-go packs for a healthier anytime snack.

So why not enjoy a healthier snack that is allergen friendly and tastes great?

U-LUV Cookies:

At U-LUV, we have 4 fantastic flavors, all of which are top 14 FDA allergy free, made with sustainable ingredients and serve in convenient single pack.


Introducing our latest innovation, the U-LUV Protein Brownie Cookie enriched with the wholesome goodness of hemp protein.

Elevate your snacking experience with a delicious blend of traditional brownie richness and the nutritional power of hemp. Crafted with care, these cookies offer a perfect balance of indulgence and health, ensuring you never compromise on taste or dietary preferences.

Each bite is a celebration of real cocoa, clean ingredients, and allergen-friendly goodness.


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