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U-LUV Foods | Best Selling 12 Pack | Top 14 Allergen Friendly | Soft & Chewy | Clean Ingredients, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Organic, Low Sugar, Low Fat, Natural, Better | Brownie, Cherry, Mint | Lemon, Birthday, Snickerdoodle Cookies



Our U-LUV foods journey began at home when one of our founders (our Dad) was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to have his stomach surgically removed.  He attributes his healing to his faith in God and God’s compassion to heal.

As a result of his surgery, Dad set out to change his diet to products having clean and allergen-free ingredients. He quickly realized that store bought foods meeting these requirements did not taste good. Mom, set out to develop better tasting snacks made with clean ingredients, are allergen-free and taste as good as or better than traditional snacks. Dad was the first to say that she succeeded and wanted to share the cookies she made with others who have similar needs.

That’s what led us to forming U-LUV foods. Our mission is to help food allergy sufferers and those with dietary preferences cope with their eating challenges, by providing worry-free snacks they can enjoy, and by helping to find cures for food allergies.

We invite you to be a part of our U-LUV foods family through compassionate sharing . When you purchase our multi-pack cookies: 

  1. You can gift a free sample pack of cookies to someone you choose and,
  2. U-LUV foods donates a portion of the sale to finding cures for food allergies.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 293 reviews

    Thank you! Love your cookies. I like the birthday cake and lemon cookies.

    Amanda Lunsford
    Love love the cookies

    I love the mint cookies so yummy and satisfying

    David Peace

    A great tasting very delicious cookie ! Great product and friendly people . The mint cookie has a fantastic minty flavor, not too strong and so enjoyable .I love the product .

    David Peace

    I never would eat a plant based cheeseburger or any plant based product . I was skeptical about the mint cookies I bought then I ate one and wow they are excellent. They are soft, fresh, taste fantastic now I got to try the other flavors. U-LUV-FOODS is a winner ! Great product, friendly people that has answered all my questions . I recommend if you want a great tasting cookie try this companies product . I am happy I bought my mint cookies , I want to try the other flavors now .

    chris tolbert
    Haven't gotten it

    I haven't gotten my order yet so it's kind of hard to give a review