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At U-LUV foods, we are passionate about providing high-quality snacks that are not only delicious but also allergen-free and made with clean ingredients. Our journey began with a personal experience when one of our founders, our Dad, was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to undergo surgery to have his stomach removed. Through his journey, he found healing in his faith and the power of clean eating.

As a family, we recognized the need for better-tasting snacks that catered to those with dietary restrictions, and that's when Mom set out to develop snacks that were both delicious and safe for everyone to consume. Dad was the first to taste the cookies she made and was thrilled to find that they were not only clean and allergen-free but also tasted better than traditional snacks.

That's how U-LUV foods was born. Our mission is to provide worry-free snacks to people with dietary restrictions and allergies, and to help find cures for food allergies through our charitable efforts. We understand the challenges that come with finding tasty snacks that meet dietary requirements, and we want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy delicious snacks without worry.

We invite you to become a part of our U-LUV foods family through compassionate sharing. When you purchase our multi-pack cookies, you can gift a free sample pack of cookies to someone you choose, spreading the love of U-LUV foods. We also donate a portion of the sale to finding cures for food allergies, so every purchase helps to make a difference.

Thank you for choosing U-LUV foods as your go-to snack provider, and we hope to continue to serve you and your loved ones with delicious, safe, and worry-free snacks.